At IMS everyone has a voice and can make a real difference, innovative ideas win, work is always a challenge and we have fun whilst at it.

We continually strive for inclusion, prize ingenuity and see our mission of advancing medicines that matter to patients, which in turn results in advancing patients’ lives. These are all very important elements of a very special social environment.

Our values are focus, imagination, honesty, transparency, and fun; which form the building blocks of our organization, which are continually reinforced and become key dimensions in the hiring process as we continually strive to make IMS a magnet for outstanding talent and a great place to work.


Advancing Healthcare … Advancing patients lives through strategic collaborations and building long lasting relationships with both our multinational partners and regional healthcare service providers.

Understanding our customer’s overall needs and proving innovative solutions resulting in exceptional customer satisfaction, customer retention and our customer’s word of mouth recommendation to other healthcare professionals and medical practitioners.


IMS’s innovative healthcare technology, solutions and therapeutic coverage advancing the overall quality of life index and patient well being, achieving our sole mission of Advancing healthcare… Advancing Life.



Do what’s important, work with purpose and passion.


Innovative ideas win.


Build creditability; build long lasting relationships.


Trust is our biggest friend.


You’re guaranteed to have lots with us.

Innovative Medical Solutions a specialty pharmaceutical and
medical technology, marketing & distribution company.

Advancing Healthcare... Advancing Life