Innovative Medical Solutions is a specialty healthcare organization; focused on being exclusive distribution agents for multinational pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers.

IMS has quickly grown and expanded into other healthcare services such as Emergency & Critical Care, Infection Control, Pediatrics, IVF & Women’s Health, Laboratory & Blood Bank, Medical Imaging, Patient Monitoring, and Cardiology.

Our co-founders have significant capability, developed during their combined 35 years at leading research based multinational manufacturers, in both rapidly progressing sales throughout the MENA region, and a clinical proof of concept in successfully completing regulatory submissions of new drugs and therapeutic treatments.

Our senior management teams include members who are highly capable in the implementation of new therapies and drug registration at the Ministry of Health. In addition, we have assembled a commercial department with vast amount of expertise in successfully launching and marketing novel therapies and medical equipment technologies.

Our full- time employees, all with proven experience of Kuwait’s healthcare market, many of whom are pharmacists, biomedical engineers, and technicians, all of whom contribute to our strong growth and market dominance within Kuwait’s healthcare sector.

Innovative Medical Solutions a specialty pharmaceutical and
medical technology, marketing & distribution company.

Advancing Healthcare... Advancing Life