Our logistics & warehousing division is responsible for the receiving, physical handling, and storage of all pharmaceutical products, medical and scientific equipment imported by the company.

IMS ensures the most up to date storage protocol in accordance to Good Drug Storage Practices:

  • Storage Design (ensures optimal drug storage)
  • Security; secured entry through technology equipped authorized personnel entry only.
  • Implementation of proper storage standards (temperature, cleanliness, proper storage of product categories and repairs).
  • Drug store organization; reception area, receiving area, dispatch bays, etc. Outdated, damaged, deteriorated products are quarantined/ physically separated.
  • Material examination upon receipt of shipment; careful inspection for damage, as well as ensuring proper upkeep of records.
  • Goods labeling in accordance with GDSP standards.

As a result of our commitment to Good Drug Storage Practices, IMS has received the highest standard ratings during Ministry of Health inspections and partner audits.

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