Patients’ lives are of paramount importance and the products we use count.

IMS has invested in research and development to ensure we provide high quality emergency and critical care products that are safe, easy to use and value driven.

Emergency & Critical Care include the following product categories:

External defibrillators
Chest compressors
Emergency ventilators
Pulse oximeters
Resuscitation masks
Mucus suction pumps

Laryngoscope endoscope
Endotracheal tubes
Intubation cannulae
Laryngeal tubes, Endobronchial tubes

Syring pumps
Infusion pumps, Feeding pumps, Insulin pumps
Pressure infusors
Blood warmes, Infusion warmers

Oxygen therapy systems
Oxygen masks, Oxygen tents, Oxyen hoods
Medical gas cylinders
Oxygen flow meters, Oxygen pressure regulators
Medical gas pressure regulators
Respiratory gas blenders

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